October Happenings

01. Flexibility Is Everything!

02. Certifications!!

03. BB CREAM SPF 40!

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* Excited to sell even more MONAT products?
Not QUITE ready to build a team?
Still want to rank advance......all the way to Market Builder?
This is a trail run to see how well this is going to take off! This started OCT. 1st and ends OCT. 31st. Lets show Monat that this needs to stay! There will be no structure and no active line requirements. BUT you still get all the Bonuses!!

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So, Most of you my no but some may not... We here at MONAT have certifications you can get!! We have Shampoo Dealer, We have Glow Getter for skin, We have Damage Control expert and NOW we have Wellness Guide Certified! GET YOURS TODAY and receive a FREE ballcap!!

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IS BACK IN STOCK!!!! We SOLD out like wild fire when we launch this new product! BUTTTT now its BACK!! This was launched at our annual conference at the beginning of Sept. not only did it sell out within days of going on sale but also its been awarded the SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION's SEAL OF RECOMMENDATION!!

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