Over the years,

I started my journey with Monat and healthy living in general. Being a hair stylist I have tried every kind of shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo plus every other product out there. Nothing ever worked the way I wanted it to. Not on me or my clients. Monat truly changed the game. They took hair care from negative and unhealthy to AMAZING and healing very fast!



When I go back and look at pictures from 2019 I can't even believe it. My self and my customers look younger now then we did years ago. NOW THATS CRAZY when you say that out loud. hahah Monat hasn't just made my hair, skin, wellness and body care all around better and healthier but its changed my life in ways I would've never imagined. My self and my team have grown in so many ways, we have educated ourselves with this business and the products. We have mentally changed for the better everyday and we are apart of a community that is beyond supportive. Monat is not just products. Its FAMILY!


Now 2022


From 2019 to 2020 WOW did a lot of things change. Not only was I starting to have the best hair and skin of my life some crazy things where happening in the world. 2020 I think taught a lot of people including myself that shopping online became the new norm. It wasn't an easy change but definitely a necessary change, that really we had no control over. Next is how do we trust what we are ordering? WELL, that's another reason I love Monat SO much. You can not purchase Monat unless you go through a Market partner like myself. So, that makes ordering even better. You get help from someone you trust and can watch the products being used on a daily bases but you can also get it shipped straight to your door step. How GREAT!


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